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Weird Worlds.

I’ve been playing.. a fair bit of this recently. It’s an indie game in all the right ways. Like many other indie games that have become successful enough to become sold this game has many wonderful qualities. It’s not a big game, the longest a single play of this game can possibly take you is maybe 30 minutes.. which is just perfect. It’s something like a cross between a board game, Master of Orion and Star Control. It incoporates many of the wonderful features of large, complicated space exploration games and dilutes them down into fun item-collecting, world exploring action. It still has the diversity of a lot of space exploration games (be peaceful and diplomatic, be an explorer — or just destroy everyone and rule the galaxy), as well as that quirky charm that is so often present in indie games that would just seem out of place in a larger, commercial production. If you have a PC and are looking for a great game that you don’t really need to invest a lot of time in to have a heck of a lot of fun, I think you should really try this. Very polished, excellent art and presentation, very big fun.
Demo is available on the site!

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