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Following through

So, I’ve been working a lot more steadily recently. Ever since we made a big effort to try to release that demo I have been able to work a lot more solidly and consistently. Even though we didn’t make it, I feel that we made so much progress that I want to keep it up. At the moment I’m mainly working on STG stuff, level graphics interface bits and bobs. I made the final touches to my Italic font for ingame today, and it’s amazing to see just how far I have come in skill with respect to it. When I look at my first font versus this one.. the difference is staggering. I have learnt so much from this project.

Unfortunatley, of late Will seems rather busy - or maybe just not quite as inspired as I currently am. I still really want to release a demo soon, and I really think that we can. There are only a handful of assets that are really essential for this, and of course the right amount of polish.. but it will be fantastic to just be able to show people what we are doing – get some good feedback and maybe even a few fans!

As for my gaming news, I have to report I haven’t really played anything much recently apart from the usual dabbles I have into the english-speaking or japanese doujin shmup scene. Nothing really good to report aside from the winner of the Shmup-dev competition we were intending to enter.. probably not really a good place to discuss how good it is, though. I’m sure you understand. I’ve been playing a bit of Ibara too, which is easily the most difficult CAVE shmup ever, in my opinion, and that really IS saying something.

More later..

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