Developers' Diary


I’d like to list the technical bits about my half of the project here; we owe the people behind this stuff so much, and if not for them the project wouldn’t even be remotely conceivable.

All of my work is being done on an Apple PowerBook G4, a 12″ aluminum one from 2003. It’s truly the finest computer I’ve ever known.

Soft Landing would not exist without IRC, and nearly all planning and communication is still done through it. My IRC client of choice has recently become Colloquy, in cooperation with the IRC bouncer miau. It’s amazing how much progress can be made even when your partner literally lives on the opposite side of the planet.

Story planning and miscellaneous data keeping is done in OmniOutliner, from The Omni Group. It doesn’t hurt that I happen to work there, but I’d still be using it even if that weren’t so. Level planning and design is done in OmniGraffle, from the same fine company. :D

Now for the truly geeky stuff. After careful research and consideration, it became obvious that the only way to develop such a game without actually dying of tedium was with Python and Pygame. These tools gave us a working engine prototype with a minimum of time investment and a glorious absence of the hassle so commonly associated with getting some major new programming project underway. The big project on my plate right now is changing the graphics system to use OpenGL via PyOpenGL. Oh, and all of the code is written with SubEthaEdit.

So, that’s my Kwipment List at this point. That’s kind of fun.

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