Developers' Diary

Yes, that old chestnut..

Time. And not having it.. thing.

Well, it’s been busy yes, but I feel better about SL than I have for a long time. Playing the current version we have puts a lot of long-time things we’ve wanted together nicely. The funny thing about this kind of project is that you can be 90% of the way there and be using your imagination (as someone developing this game – you know what to expect) to imagine the other 10% and feel happy with the result. However, once that final 10% of whatever you are doing is actually complete, and the thing you are working on is as it will be in the final game, then without fail there is a moment of wow.

We’ve been expanding the scenery in the first level (screenies soon, promise!) and I think it’s helping a lot to make the game a bit more solid. Now, if only we could make explosions look awesome…
Oh! And I must make particular mention of one Sami Hangaslammi who was instrumental in helping me get the Windows version of the game into a distributable exe form with his amazing tool PyPack. :D

I will probably post an update tonight, since I’m close to having quite a few of the new graffix done. Oh, and a new font :D

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