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This Video Game Has A Diary

This project has been in progress for six months, so I don’t even know where to begin to catch people up with what’s going on. I suppose I’ll just write things as they come to me.

Jules and I have set out to create the game that we’ve both always wanted but that doesn’t exist: an honestly lovely, high-quality, cross-platform, fan-made, shoot-’em-up/gal-game hybrid, in English. The ramifications of that list of requirements are overwhelming.

After about half a year of steady development, we have a nicely working shooting-game engine with a rudimentary level editor, the beginnings of a decent gal-game engine, lots of story and character development material, and a few character designs.

This diary exists to keep us and others excited about the project, to keep track of where we are in its development, and to facilitate communication between the two of us and people who are interested in the game. Soft Landing has become a major part of my consciousness and having this open channel for my excitement will be quite welcome; I hope Jules feels similarly.

It’s really fun to walk through the progressively better versions of the game and see how far we’ve come. This diary will be a public extension of that ritual. We’ll have to consider when we want to start posting screenshots…

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    Post them nowwwww.