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At the moment, working on trying to finish Brianne, still. Man, I sound like a broken record. I think the problem with character drawing is that I just feel so nervous about it. I’m fine with my pxart, I feel that most of the time it looks fitting and gamey. I still feel like a drawing noob when it comes to actual people though.
Well, anyway. I’m making progress. We’re also working on a new system for text in the SLG side of the game. A while back we had the idea of using speech bubbles. At that point in time we decided against it, opting for a more traditional approach. After it was brought up again, Fet and I decided that in the end it would be a good idea, and I was all for it just having come out of finishing Fire Emblem 7. (SRPG fans, if you want to give yourself a massive, massive treat, play this wonderful game!). I threw together some quick ideas yesterday and Fet is confident he can take it from there. I’m really keen to see how it ends up looking, however him and I are really sick of looking at Robo-Ana.. (I don’t think anyone else has seen her, right Fet?) .. so I promised Fet I’d make a big effort to finish Brianne.
Today I also started playing Genji. I really, really, really love this game already. More later!

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  1. 1 fetjuel
    Posted on November 15th, 2005 at 14:35. About 'Bubs'.

    Ha ha, I think Anny saw her. I make my placeholder graphics as ugly as possible so that you’ll be motivated to replace them with real ones. :D