Developers' Diary


Well, most of the work we’re doing on the game isn’t really innovation at the moment. We’re trying to piece together a level so we can make a demo of sorts. I’m mainly trying to make the assets we yet require for this, and there is a lot of them. Fortunately, it’s mainly sprites and landscapes, which are probably the components I have the least trouble with. I’m trying to do one ‘thing’ per day. Sometimes it’s just a bullet, or sometimes it’s a whole new enemy. The big task at the moment is to finish drawing Brianne in her entirety. This is scary.
Nonetheless, in a time when I’m fairly busy I think I’m getting a fair bit done, which is nice. I’m still playing some games though. Mainly, at the moment, Gradius Gaiden, Streets of Rage 2, Mimipan and Melty Blood Re-Act.
I’m finding more and more appreciation for games that have cleverly, and beautifully drawn sprites, and all of these are examples of that kind of game. Also, they’re all ridiculously good fun, and have a lovely spirit.

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