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The guys at insani are hosting al|together, a visual novel translation festival. They’re savvy enough to have provided Mac OS X versions of these originally Windows-only games; that got me more interested in NScripter and its free conterparts, ONScripter and CCScripter. As it turns out, with a little bit of effort one can play the original Japanese versions on Mac OS X as well, even ones that come packaged as Windows executables. Once again I’m stunned at the lovely things people give away on the internet. Playing Tsukihime or Yukihana on a Mac was an impossibility, but now thanks to someone’s hard work, it’s quite easy.

This reminds me that it’s confounding how anyone could be content to release a homemade game on Windows only, when it’s not that much effort anymore to make things available on multiple platforms. That’s especially true for things like visual novels, for which cross-platform systems (ONScripter, Java, Flash, Python, SDL, OpenGL) are available, and for which the utmost resolution and framerate isn’t necessary. Creative, quirky, nerdy people, with sophisticated aesthetic senses, use Macs. That’s your target audience, guys.

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