Developers' Diary

Vertical Parallax

I just worked for about three hours to arrive at the following line of Python:
oneGuy.positionCorner([ oneGuy.screenOrigin[0] - (oneGuy.screenOrigin[0] - (oneGuy.origin[0] - theGame.scrollX)) * oneGuy.z , oneGuy.screenOrigin[1] - (oneGuy.screenOrigin[1] - (oneGuy.origin[1] - theGame.scrollY)) * oneGuy.z ])

This is the heart of the new scrolling system, which makes on-screen scenery position itself much more precisely, and lets us do vertical parallax without misaligning the seams between tiled background images. I ended up making this because I was working on the demo script, and I realized that when Laurent and Brianne start talking about the planet they’re descending upon, the ship should actually be descending. Now that it works, maybe I can get back to the script…

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