Developers' Diary


Major cleaning up is going on. Because I’m still learning all of this stuff as I go along, there is a considerable amount of ugly code and inefficient methodology hanging around in our project. For the past couple of days I’ve been doing some slash and burn on old code, replacing it with tidy and quick new code. For example, somewhere along the way I created a guns module that would manufacture guns for us which are interchangeable between the ship, the pod, and the ship/pod combo mode. For a long time, though, only the ship itself used that module. Today I taught all of the gun mountings in the game to use the new system, and built a friendly weapon-selection screen to boot.

For another example, all of our images used to be dumped in one big messy directory. Level scenery and 128x multipliers and characters’ eye movement animations were all sitting side by side. Now, every image is hierarchically categorized, and we can load any level of that hierarchy whenever we need it. The new image loading system has obsoleted a lot of silliness and inconvenience.

Jules and I talked about making the power-up system more extravagant. I finally implemented our new design, in which fruit is flying about the screen pretty much all the time. It’s a lot harder to grab now, but there’s a heck of a lot more of it. The chaos this adds to the game is quite exciting. We’ve also got life bars for the enemies now, reminiscent of Ikaruga.

Those are the biggest changes for now. So much has moved from my to-do list to my done list on the wiki, but so much still remains…

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