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So so..

Been a while, yeses. I am still in existence and I still do daily think about SL. Well, recently as it turns out I’ve sort of been able to figure out some free time. Well, anyway.. much discussion and work has been done with Fet, and one of the major goals we have at the moment is so create a fully functional level. I thought and thought about the best approach to this, and keeping in mind my personal skill and the level of technical detail required I think an outdoors level in simple terrain would be a good start. I know we’ll come across and solve many problems in doing this, as well as consolidate something. I really feel a need to make something that is insular, but also complete, polished.
Anyway, so I’ve been drawing this desert scenery for the level.
It’s divided up into layers to provide parallax scrolling, also you may notice a nice little line of rocks and a bush in the bottom right, very non chaotically seperated by a few pixels. Those are all also seperate layers and the intent is to create some content that can randomly be placed by the roadside and meshes in with the parallax layer it corresponds to. Obviously a lot more is yet to be created however I’m making good progress, and what you see is basically the fruit of two days of working on this scene. The bulk of time is just spent sitting there trying to figure out how on earth to do this, as I’ve never really had to draw pixel art like any of this before.. or pixel art at all really. It is a wonderful learning experience, and part of why I love this project so much.


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