Developers' Diary


Recently I received a personal demo of Forever-Zero’s years-in-the-making DIY game, Gemini. These guys are good friends of mine, and their game is as much a labor of love as this one, so we often share stories of our development adventures. I had no idea how much work had gone into Gemini already; while SL hopes to look like a good, professionally built game would have looked in, say, 1997, Gemini is going to look like a good, professionally built game looks now.

Anyway, they’ve inspired me to improve some of the infrastructure of our project so that working on it is somewhat more organized. Mainly that means two things: versioning with Subversion (CVS was a nightmare) and information sharing with a private MediaWiki (so we don’t have to search IRC logs to remember stuff we decided months ago). So far the Wiki is operational, and I hope to have Subversion working by tonight.

Then, lasers.

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