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From the very beginning, Jules and I have disparaged the kind of internet projects that start with some grandiose but vague vision of a finished product, but almost no sense of organization or determination to get the project done. We vowed to see the project through to completion, and we trusted each other to keep that vow because we both felt the same overwhelming motivation to make the game exist.

Our strength is our mutual inspiration: we cause each other to cause each other to work harder. Our weakness is our interdependence: when one of us is removed from the project by the vulgarity of real life, the other’s source of motivation disappears.

Situations are smoothing out somewhat, and work is being done on SL again. Today I built in a function that lets us set the scrolling velocity universally, so that with one command the entire scene can speed up, slow down, or shift to a different direction. This will be nice for cave scenes and crazy high-speed chases in outer space.

Thank you for your support.

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