Developers' Diary


I couldn’t take it any more; I came back to the project to bash away at it by myself. Nine out of ten things I want to do require new art from Jules: I can’t rework the terrain system until I can actually see what the terrain is going to be like, I can’t put together multi-character scenes without some character art to put in them, I can’t start on the boss system without any boss to work with, et cetera.

The best thing I could think of was improving the level creation system. Until today, creating a level required interacting with a pretty unfriendly Perl script that punished us pretty badly for any mistakes. Now, we can just create a human-readable text file with all of the level information we want, and pass it through a script that figures out value-ranges and random values before writing everything to one of our level-files. It’s a much more pleasant experience.

If worse comes to worst, I might color-shift Ana to create an Anti-Ana, just so that I can start working on SLG scenes with multiple characters.

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