Developers' Diary


Managed to more or less finished some of the wall and floor tiles last night. As soon as I was done (as goes with these things) I noticed a number of artistic and logical issues with tile placement that weren’t apparent while making them. In the end, I decided to start again. So far in the space of about 30 mins I’ve re-achieved what previously had taken about 6 hours. Funny how this whole thing goes. So much learning.

It feels a little hard to have to start again on a lot of these things so frequently, and makes me feel kind of stupid the first time around. I think the experience is worth it though. Certainly since I am working on this so regularly these days my general ability to create graphics is much faster than it has been in the past.

Also, I almost took some screencaps last night! That was about 5 mins before I decided I needed to start again, though. Maybe once I have something that I like I’ll show an evolutionary side-by-side comparison.

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