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The good news is: we have been discovered. The bad news is: it was an online poker spam robot that discovered us. I guess someone on the earth thinks it is cool to post incoherent literature excerpts, with links to engrish web pages containing no actual services, on developer diaries for hybrid shmup/gal games. That’s a sound business plan if I ever heard one.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about Sentimental Graffiti. I just finished it tonight after several weeks of intermittent play. It’s one of the first widely-accepted (and clean) gal games, so I thought it would be a good research subject. Indeed it’s very well put together, for something released in 1997. Unfortunately it’s quite more difficult (or chancy) than, say, Roommate Novel Satou Yuka or something, so I was unable to get the happy ending with the girl of my choice (Miyuki; I did get Wakana, though, a fine alternative).

The most interesting thing was probably Second Window, the bonus disc that comes with the game. It contains high-resolution illustrations of each character and two video sections. The first video section shows the voice-actress audition process and some of the special promotional events staged with the actresses. The second video section contains a short message from each actress. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that Maeda Ai, the voice of Shion from Xenosaga, was actually in this game as Emiru. It was nice to watch her message and recognize her voice.

The really enchanting bit about the videos was the attitude and aptitude of the actresses. Each girl is obviously very passionate and simultaneously very professional. I imagine a Soft Landing Plus someday, if the original game is well-received; its main improvement would be voice acting. If that ever comes to pass, I hope to find actresses who have the same kind of enthusiasm and charm. We are continuing to set high standards for ourselves.

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