Developers' Diary

Logical Progression

Welp, I’ve added a few more features from the Bugs list. Pod thrust effects, the return of missiles, and the ability to actually get hit by enemy bullets. A lot of my time was spent trying to get our project into CVS, though, and it was as crappy and frustrating as I’d expected. As bad as “lots of consecutively-numbered folders” is for a versioning system, CVS is about the least friendly thing I’ve ever tried to set up and use. So, that’s on hold for now.

We’re nearing the point at which we can put together a demo, already. I guess the majority of the workload is about to shift to Jules, because we’re going to need tons of art. So far we have one pose for Ana, who can talk and blink and change her expression at our command.

Mister Ryan Davis, founder of the Seattle Ruby Brigade (and my coworker), showed an interest in our code, and pawed through it a bit last week. He was actually rather impressed that we did so much in about 1600 lines of Python, and that’s pretty dang flattering. He proposed a better way to store our data files, which I may actually implement soon.

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