Developers' Diary

Huge maps

We have made lot of progress in the past few days.

Thanks to my coworker Andrew, we finally got Python and its dependencies properly set up on Julian’s MacBook so that he could run the game himself. Before that, were having to rely on making prebuilt copies on my machine whenever anything changed. Considering how simple and approachable Python is designed to be, setting up packages and installing things is a giant frustration.

Jules convinced me that we ought to increase the map size by a lot; we now have tons of tiles to work with. Levels that take several minutes to work through are now more possible.

big map.png

After finding dual-stick Robotron controls unwieldy, and unable to agree on a tap/hold scheme, we decided to offer *both* of the tap/hold schemes. Tap either button to fire in the direction you’re moving; hold the Jules button to maintain your firing direction as you strafe around; hold the Fet button to halt your character in place and shoot in any direction.

Adding a hit stun effect to the enemies when you hit them was a big step in the direction of making Paraplu feel like a game. It’s a tiny thing, but seeing an enemy shake back and forth and halt for three frames is quite satisfying.

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