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The pathway

After putting it off for a long time (god knows with good reason) Fet managed to help me get a dev environment set up on my new Macbook. I would say that this has been something that has caused progress to be slow, but I would really just be making excuses. Regardless, it did allow me to try my hand at using Fet’s nifty level edit mode to make my first level last night. Holy crap.
It happened so easily, so naturally. We have all these tiles and features in place, and in about 10 minutes I was done making a new level that, if I do say myself, looks great! I could make ten such levels in a single evening if I so desired. I plan to do just that in the coming week. It also helped me to realise a few very easily remedied issues with my tilesets. How much putting these things into practice can reveal.

With the incredible Cave Story coming out for Wii this week I’ve been massively inspired (Daisuke Amaya is not only one of my biggest influences, but one of the people I admire most in the game-development world period). Things have slowed down a little at work, I have some free time, it seems an appropriate time to jump on development and get into a groove.

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