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Of Mirrors and Runframes

The best you can ever do with a project like this is to keep pushing yourself and trying your best. Often, when the context is as easy ‘n’ totally cas like then it’s hard to remain disciplined. I’m extremely bad at this. Recently I very much wanted to try to shed this taxing trait, and after a thoughtful chinwag with Fet, implemented a simple system of understandable boundary-creation and deadline-setting. The complication with our particular situeé is that there is no reprimanding hand to turn us should we be unindustrious. Well.

So far, over the last week or whatever it has worked surprisingly well. The major, and difficult task of re-redoing all of Vivienne’s animation frames and modifying them for a new context is done, and soonly we should have all of the materials we need to fully animate Viv in game.

I don’t want to let up, this pace is great!

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