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A Groove

I was determined to get into a Paraplu groove today, because it was the first time in a couple of months that I had a significant chunk of free time to myself. After getting energized by some bass-playing, coffee, pinball, and Ar tonelico music, I sat down to plow through some coding and planning tasks. It went well!

- Designed a master chart for all enemies, the items they drop, item rarities, and crafting recipes.
- Wrote a system for enemy spawners.
- Added a spawning effect for when enemies appear from a spawner.
- Wrote the item drop probability system. Enemy types have the possibility of dropping one of each of a common, uncommon, or rare item. The probabilities of dropping one of these rarities of item, or any item at all, is customizable per enemy.
- Made it so that items you collect in adventures properly appear in your inventory when you visit your atelier.
- Filled in all of the items, rarity rates, and recipes for the items we have in the game so far. You can theoretically craft a Peasant Dress in the game now if you keep at it, but once I collected the ingredients I immediately got stuck inside a bush.

**Update:** I’m unstoppable!

- Subclassed Interface as TextBox and ViewBox, because once again that class had gotten huge. It was taking up half of the “guys” source file! Really cleaned up how the interface guys work.
- Added enemy portrait and description, in their own little boxes, to the bestiary system.
- Added item description, in its own box, to the inventory system. We have written lots of cute little bits of text about the inhabitants and artifacts of Nettle-Belfry, so this is a big step.

**Update:** My unstoppability continues!

- Set up statistics for how many times you have beaten a certain type of enemy.
- Made the bestiary hide enemy info until you beat that enemy at least once.

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