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Paraplu: Items

Julian and I both love items. One of the aims of Paraplu is to be delightfully item-rich. You should be excited to discover and collect items, admire their cute little icons, read their descriptions, and carefully consider how you’re going to budget them to craft other items. Yesterday I started in on the item system: enemies now drop stuff when you kill them, and when you collect items they are added to your inventory.

We’ll need to decide on a mechanism for which enemies drop which items. At the moment I’m thinking of a system in which: each item is assigned a rarity; each level is assigned a list of possible items; each enemy is assigned a likelihood to drop items of a each rarity. I wonder if Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Unique, to blend a bit of Magic the Gathering with a bit of Diablo, would be enough.

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