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Paraplu: Layered Editing

So Paraplu’s level editor has so far only supported changing the map layer of a level. But there are two other layers in each level: objects and “entities” (meaning enemies or townsfolk). It was surprisingly difficult to adapt the level editor to work on these other layers, because each layer was kind of a special case in itself, and used its own batches of images and such. So I had to rearchitect the way ground tiles and objects are loaded, such that they’re all living in one big list of dictionaries now, with data about what kind of thing they are, instead of being in their own special lists. Now I can use the same logic for editing all of the different layers: when you cycle through the palettes, each one just knows what type of palette it is, and thus which layer it should draw on. If we need to, we can add an arbitrary number of layers on top of the three we already have!

Oh yeah, and Jules drew these gorgeous trees and shrubs and rocks, which is the reason I wanted to get objects working in the level editor anyway. Please don’t let my random level-editor testing style ruin your perception of his source art, though. :D

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