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I wanted Jules to post the next round of screenshots, because they were to be the first “real” ones, and he refused. So I’m posting them. This is how the game looks right now. There are a few features, like exploding gibs and score display and thrust particles and such, which used to be in the game until we upturned everything and went to OpenGL. So I’m still working on fixing or completely re-implementing them.

The SLG/gal/ren-ai/dating-sim/whatever portion of the game has also taken a step back; after trying to teach our old PyGame code some new OpenGL tricks for a while, I ended up just scrapping a lot of it completely, and now I have to rewrite the text display system and some other bits from scratch.

Last night on Skype, Jules and I came up with a very promising scoring multiplier system that looks like it will be fun to play and actually tie in to the theme of the game, as well. I’m excited to start work on it, since it’ll make the internal demos about five times more fun to play.

Be well…

Before you get the wrong idea: the scenery in these screenshots is just for testing purposes. Especially the “Hi! Welcome to the Dumbcave” sign. XD

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