Developers' Diary

Paraplu: Tiles

So, I think last night was my major breakthrough that I had been waiting for. I’d like to thank Flight-Plan in particular for inspiring me to re-attempt the style I was originally going for, and to get it right this time. I studied some GBA games they’ve made and it was really useful. Strangely, my error essentially was that I was being too elaborate and ornate. All I needed to do to get my tiles looking right was to take away detail, not add or fine-tune it. With that in hand, I was able to finish all of the tiles I had already been working on and a fair few more on top of that. I’m going to get back to it again tonight and hopefully get this all sorted out.

Fet realised that we haven’t actually written down anywhere what this game is like yet. Maybe we’ll keep it that way, and then no-one will have any preconceptions or expectations. I like that idea.

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