Developers' Diary

Paraplu: Collision

Well, Jules and I decided that pixel-level collision is not really going to be necessary. We’re just going to have a kind of rectangular collision mask for each entity and each obstacle, and test against those. Given the tiled nature of the maps, this should work fine. It took about ten or fifteen minutes to implement the whole thing, in keeping with the hilariously quick pace of development so far.

Then I noticed that [pygame]( 1.8 actually includes support for collision masks, which was surprising because I thought that the term (if not the concept) was something Jules and I made up!

Next I need to make it so that entities which are trying to push up against an obstacle at an angle instead “slide” along the edge of it. I thought of a good way to do this while lying in bed this morning.

We’ve been keeping big long lists of items and crafting recipes for Paraplu at [Backpack](; the lists are growing quite quickly as we both stop in throughout the day to add our wacky ideas.

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