Developers' Diary


- Tied trust score into what used to be “shields”. Now your capacity for damage, your firepower, and your overall affinity with your support pilot are all represented by one number.
- Removed offscreen death effect, leaving your ship on screen when you get hit.
- Made ship go really slow when it gets hit.

Now Jules and I are having an in-depth conversation about the overall story and how to make it really compelling. We need to try pretty hard to shed the amateurish and dull story that’s so easy to write.

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  1. 1 Baron Von Chadstrong
    Posted on February 14th, 2008 at 11:38. About 'Steps'.

    “It was a dark and stormy normal day on earth when Aliens started attacking for no reason. One teenage boy who inexplicably lives in a girls-only environment with a cluster of attractive girls (including one tomboy redhead with a headband, one bookworm stuck-up wearing large glasses, one extremely shy girl that is often dressed explicitly, a temple priestess, a normal, cute looking girl that the protagonist made a promise with when he was a child but has since forgotten, a middle aged woman that looks about 17, and a 17 year old that looks like she’s eight). Somehow the world government (based in Japan) has decided that this comedy and hormone ripe group of kids are the only people qualified to fly their extremely expensive one-of-a-kind super jet and its special companion pod.”

    “With minimal training and a head full of dates he has to remember with the girls in his harem, the main character flies out to battle the enemy, knowing only the fact that they’re evil jerks that need to go down. Upon defeat of each boss, the protagonist comes closer to understanding the riddle left behind: ‘The Princess is in another castle!’”