Developers' Diary


Tonight was a pretty major breakthrough. The game was using OpenGL before, but it was just using the OpenGL pixel-blitting functions, which were not really any faster than the pixel-blitting functions in PyGame. I was seriously worried last night that it just wasn’t possible to make the game the way we intended. Tonight, just to see how much of a difference it would make, I tried reworking the graphics system so that instead of blitting the pixels of each sprite straight to the screen, it created an OpenGL surface for each Guy on the screen, with the Guy’s sprite graphic texture-mapped onto it. The screens you see here are the result of that, and they represent one of my proudest moments in the entire development process of this game. That the sprites are all squished into 64×64 pixel squares, that they are drawn upside down, that they don’t appear in the right places, these are all irrelevant details. What matters is that the sprites show up, move around, interact, and, best of all, smoothly animate across the screen regardless of the resolution I inflate them to. I have more confidence in us now than I ever did before; I feel like this project is unstoppable.

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