Developers' Diary


Today I dropped Aaron’s noises into the game for the first time. There have been several clues that Aaron is the right guy to make the audio for our game:

  • The very day that Jules asked him about helping on the project, he put together an awesome SL-specific stage music.
  • The next day, without prompting, he provided another awesome song.
  • Very soon after that, he provided a huge folder full of tons of various sound effects, really everything that the game needs right now.
  • The sound effects have whimsical names like “chargingmylaser.wav”, “seriousblast.wav”, “worlddestroyer.wav”, and so on. Yes, I think he’l fit right in. :D

Also, I worked on making the sounds work better when played very rapidly. Previously, I think each call to play() was bumping into the previous one, causing really weird and annoying patterns of uneven sound. Now we call stop() on a sound before playing it, so that every time we can be guaranteed that the attack of the sound will get played, rather than pygame just seeing that the previous instance of the sound was still playing and leaving it to decay.

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