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Alpha Videos

Hey. Boring musings ahead, so I will put the good stuff at the top here.
Here are some new videos of the game, in various parts. This is still alpha stuff though, so it’s pretty shaky, with some cleanup and many things needed to be revisited before completion.

Six short videos.

So, not so much work over the last week. Still, things are looking good and at least I’m doing a tiny bit each day, which is the most important thing. This was never meant to be a fast project, but more of an ongoing hobby. I guess one of the funny things about working on a game like this is that I’m doing heaps of work without any feedback [aside from Fet]. One of the great freedoms of Indie development is the most obvious one – you get a chance to make a game on the terms that you like. More often than not, when making a decision about something in Soft Landing, I think more about what I want it to be like, before anything else. It certainly makes me think that if I were ever to make this kind of thing for a living, I would look back wistfully on these carefree days.
Having said that, a lot of my processes are improving a lot. I can do a lot of things that are art related a lot faster than I could even imagine doing them before. Doing this first level has taken forever, but I feel confident that I’ve learned so much that in the future the process will feel completely different. As with anything, I suppose, the advantage of experience is immeasurable.


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