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Crystal and Music

Hey everyone!
I’ve been working on the game recently, and things are going nicely. More character poses have been made and I am definitely getting a feeling for how to make them work faster. I decided to draw one of our more less-major characters recently, who will probably turn up in the demo. Usually in order to go from nothing to something I’m happy to have in a game takes about a week of on-off work and lots of um-ing and err-ing, however this came together a lot faster. I’m feeling much less terrified about using photos for basic pose reference, which is good because given how many people I need to draw I really need the help! Anyway – here she is, Crystal:

Crystal Honda

In other news, I recently got in touch with a dood called Aaron, who looks to be our man for the music side of the game. He’s extremely talented and also just an awesome guy to chat with. With this news I can almost taste the demo being released (no, really!), and I’m looking forward to seeing how things shape up on the aural side very much.

Cheers, folks!

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