Developers' Diary


We’re making great progress recently. For the longest time, we’ve been worried about music. Suddenly, we have three musicians. Will Sayre, my neighbour in Seattle, Ivan, my brother and Steeve/Vegeroth, a long time friend living in Canada. It seems the same for so many things, you spend years trying to solve the issue of how to approach the music, and as soon as you forget about it, three musicians appear at the right place and time. Awesome.

Bigmans sprite, dead. We’re steadily crossing off the items in our to-do list at a great rate now. It’s comforting to know that almost all of these things are things we only need to do once before they’re gone from the list forever. I’m excited to be heading into the post-demo era of the game.. where all we have to do is create content, which is my favourite part of the project.

In particular, right now I want to thank fet, who has done a lot of work over the last few weeks. I’ve done a lot too, but it’s probably because I’ve had little else to do. Fet’s as busy as always and has done an amazing amount of excellent work. Good on you, mans!

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