Developers' Diary

Open Landing

The game more or less runs using OpenGL now. A lot of features (like gibs and sprite tinting) have been temporarily disabled until we can teach them how to use the new graphics system. A lot of these features are going to be improved in exciting ways; for example we’ve decided to try using OpenGL polygons instead of drawn bitmaps for things like gibs and particles. This is a lot less work for Jules and could end up looking really pretty. The bad news is that so far there hasn’t really been much of a speed-up from moving to OpenGL. One of the main reasons we switched was because scaling up our lo-res game to fit modern hi-res displays was taxing the pixel blitting system too much and we were getting very few frames per second. It’s going to take some real finagling to get things running smoothly; there’s a long GL road ahead of us.

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