Developers' Diary


Jules has come up with some lovely concept sketches indeed for Miss Cinnamon St. Cloud. All of our other main characters so far have been easy for him to conceptualize, but for some reason Cinnamon, my personal favorite so far, has been giving him trouble. Finally, after long discussions and provision of examples, he felt confident enough to go ahead and sketch her out. Ana and Welwyn had come easily to him because they were mainly his own creation. Brianne, for some reason or another, was immediately clear in his mind when I described her. Cinnamon, though, is much more complicated, so she has been the elusive one. It has felt odd to me to get this far into development without an image of one of the main characters, but I’m glad Julesy took his time. Many people would have just thrown something together for the sake of having it, and that’s just not the way we work. Slow, deliberate coaxing of quality is our method.

Starting today my productivity should skyrocket. I have abruptly found myself with a lot of free time. OpenGL, here I come.

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