Developers' Diary


A few things:


- Jules drew a new scene for the novel part. I think it’s my favorite thing he’s ever drawn. *DRINK ZOL*.
- Brianne is in the game and looking better than ever. We have known Brianne for so long, in our heads, that sometimes I forget how it’s only recently that she came to exist in the actual game. She looks and acts just the way I’ve always expected her to. :D
- We switched from [MediaWiki]( to [Backpack]( for managing the project. I think MediaWiki is great for huge collaborative projects like Wikipedia, but Backpack seems to let us update things more quickly and then get back to making a video game.
- I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the game lately, but Jules and I have managed to get together and finally work out what seems to be a workable explosion effect system. We had been trying to calculate appropriate explosion sizes based on the dying guy’s *hit points*, for some reason, when it makes way more sense to use his *volume*. We’ve also stopped trying to calculate how long a guy should bleed explosions before disappearing, and we now just draw from a table of set durations.
- Tonight I fixed some bugs that have been bothering me for a while: line breaks weren’t appearing in the ideal locations in our text bubbles, and there was a big gap in the middle of the sky of our test level. It’s nice to have both of those working seamlessly now.

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