Developers' Diary


Indeed. For a while I was stuck between a Universal Binary installation of Python and a PPC installation of Pygame. Since the Universal versions of Pygame and PyOpenGL don’t seem forthcoming any time soon, I blew away my Python installation and started over with an old PPC binary. On the MacBook, it actually runs perfectly fine in Rosetta. Faster than running natively on my old 12″ PowerBook, even.

Technobabble aside, I’m ready ready to work on this game again. 60 hours of my life, over the last 3.5 months, have been put into Ar Tonelico. I just can’t contain my appreciation for GUST and Banpresto, the folks who put it together. I keep trying to write about this game and failing to encapsulate my impressions into something that can be read within one minute. What’s important here, though, is that I’m undeniably inspired to get back into developing our own game.

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