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So, for a while I guess I was kind of worried about our game. I mean, I think a lot of people will have reason to be interested in it, but for different reasons. I suppose part of me has tended towards exhibiting the shmup-side of this game for a long time for.. I suppose three reasons.

Firstly, it is what I am most comfortable with. I suppose that is that desire in me – that for the longest time one of my dreams was to design a shmup. I love shmups so much for their diversity, creativity, mesmerising nature, beauty, technical excellence, style – and the infinite play between complexitiy and simplicity that defines them. I play them at least once a day. I’ve played so many now, I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of them. So yes, a comfort zone.

I don’t think I’ve ever really played what could be strictly termed a visual novel, but I feel somehow some understanding of the genre. Perhaps this is because I’ve played a lot of Japanese RPGs and watched and read a lot of stories that exude the feeling that these games seem to give off. Well, regardless, I think the important thing is that I can understand the appeal of the genré, and am curious about it. I love stories, and though my writing isn’t really any good these days, I feel oddly confident.

Secondly, it is an easy thing to represent the progress of. This side of the game is easily the more complicated from a purely technical standpoint. There are more graphics, animations, sounds, effects, code and all manner of mechanical components that must fit together for them to work. We have done the most work on this, we have the most to show for it. I think that if people see this side of our game they can see a lot more of what we have done.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I am scared. I’m kind of scared of showing off the ADV side of this game because I’ve never really been that confident about my artworks, in particular my character drawing. This is obviously a central, critical part of this entire side of the game being worthwhile, and being enjoyable. I don’t really know if I am up to the task, and whilst part of me already says “no, you aren’t” another part of me feels that I have done some of my best work on this project, and knows that if someone doesn’t like it I’ll be even less self-confident in this regard. So, I wonder.

Recently, this has all become less of a problem for me, and I have realised that the main reason I love making this game is because it is the greatest thing I have ever done. I’ve never on any level embarked upon a project – personally or professionally – of this level before. It represents an incredible self-sacrifice, but more importantly a profund self-expression. There are times when I catch myself grinning as I play our little game, and for a moment I realise that I’m having fun. It is these moments, be they ephemeral or lingering, that make me the happiest.

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