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Soft rambling

My side of this project primarily deals with grafix.
Usually, I’m an artist by whim. I draw and fashion on the screen what passes through my mind, inkings, musings, feelings and thoughts. This, I think, is probably the longest time I’ve made a concentrated effort to produce something that has true form and substance, something that has a purpose and is a library of objects associated with a direct goal. This, I would say, is my first artistic project. It’s a big undertaking too. I estimate we’ll need over 1000 sprites and hundreds of illustrations. So far (and it seems strange) I’ve already done about 60 sprites. It’s a learning experience. I spent hours perfecting those first sprites, and I can do the same thing in a manner of minutes now. Still, so much remains to be done.

At the moment I’m struggling with free time, but I am managing.

Equipment du Jules:

Working on a cobbled together PC, based with an AMD Athlon XP 1800, Radeon 9600 about a half gig of ram and some little peach fairy stickers on the side of the case. “Running” Windows XP. The real blessing is the lovely software I get to use. PS, yes, but I have to give almost all my credit to the brilliant OpenCanvas by portalgraphics. This small Japanese company has changed the way I look at digitally producing graphics and rendering art. OpenCanvas is a simple, flexible, artist’s tool. OpenCanvas to me is a sketchpad, a canvas, a digital graphics platform and just a relaxing place to be.
Also using a Wacom graphire3 4×5 tablet. I love Wacom.. they are a company steeped in excellence and quality. For tablets, there really is no other option. Communication wise, as fet mentioned, IRC has been an incredible medium for our development. I use the excellent mIRC, which to me represents everything I’ve ever wanted in an IRC client. Simple, fast, customisable. Skype deserves a mention for being an awesome voice chat program that mac users can also use.

But more important and more useful than all of that has been fet, who I really think is the first person who has ever shared my belief and vision in wanting to make a game. This is the only time I’ve ever felt like I can truly do what I want to. His suggestions are always intelligent and clever, at the end we always end up with something we both love.

Working on:
More character portraits
Game format background
UI Grafix Comm Dialogue box
New explosion animation

Be full of love

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